Applying for Partner Visa Subclass 309 and 100

There are two steps involved in applying for the offshore Partner visa 100. You first need to be awarded a temporary Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309 to be qualified for a permanent partner visa. You will simultaneously apply for both the temporary 309 and permanent 100 visas, and there will be just one application price. If you are given a partner (provisional) visa subclass 309, you can apply for a permanent partner visa subclass 100 around two years after you receive your partner (provisional) visa subclass 309.

The partner visa 309 Australia allows applicants with dependent children to stay in their country while their visa application is being processed because it is an offshore application. During the application procedure, you will also be permitted to travel to and from Australia and apply for a tourist visa. However, the applicant MUST be outside Australia when the application decision is made. A person who can demonstrate that they have been in a committed partnership for a significant amount of time may apply for a permanent 100 visa, which may be granted right away after the temporary Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309 has been issued. Additionally, if the Department of Home Affairs determines that it is not necessary since the applicant and the sponsor has been in a committed relationship for a long time, the subclass 100 visa may be issued in some circumstances without undergoing the Partner visa 309 waiting period.

The applicant MUST be outside of Australia when submitting their Partner visa 309 application. Additionally, candidates must be outside of Australia when a decision regarding the temporary Partner visa subclass 309 is made. However, you are free to be inside or outside of Australia at the time of the permanent Partner visa subclass 100 decision. If you need to travel to make sure you are in the proper area when your application is accepted, agents can assist you in creating a plan and tracking your application to meet the requirements. Depending on the volume of applications the department receives, processing times for visas can vary. However, if you and your partner have been together for a significant amount of time at the time of your application, your permanent Partner visa subclass 100 may be issued either right away after the temporary Partner visa subclass 309 is issued or without the need for visa 309. This may speed up the application procedure for visas. Start immediately, gather all the necessary paperwork, and provide proof of your relationship to expedite the application process. Many applicants make the error of slowly compiling these documents, turning the 2-3 year waiting period for the 309 visa application approval into a several-month processing time.

Children can be born, they can turn 18 and beyond, and more proof is required during this period. The simplest method to speed up the processing of your application is to begin, complete, and submit it as soon as possible. The ability to obtain an Australian visa is not universal. A person may not be eligible for immigration for a variety of reasons, including failing the character test, having a visa revoked or refused while they were in Australia, not having sufficient proof of a romantic relationship, and many more. With her in-depth understanding of and experience with both the criteria of the Immigration Department as well as the Australian Migration Law, Visa Counselors can assist you in resolving various eligibility concerns. If you or your partner don’t fulfil the eligibility conditions, we might be able to suggest another type of visa for you.

Kaylen Dalby
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