Benefits of Installing a Dual Battery System in Your 4WD

Many off-road enthusiasts look for 4WD vehicles so that they can drive on the toughest terrains. It gives them the freedom to explore remote locations. But you need to have reliable power sources when you are going to remote regions and one solution that you can use is to install a dual battery system.

The main advantage of 4WD dual battery kits is the increase in available power. A single battery might be sufficient in regular driving conditions but it will not be enough when you go on extended off-road trips. You will have additional electrical demands in this situation and the single battery will not be able to cater to these requirements. But with dual battery systems, there will be dedicated power sources for the essential functions of the vehicle such as starting the engine while the auxiliary battery will power non-essential items such as lights, winches, refrigerators, communication devices etc. You will be able to have a reliable sources of power to operate the vehicle and for your auxiliary needs with a dual battery system and this is a great way to avoid being stranded with a drained battery.

The lifespan of both batteries

Will be extended with a dual battery system as the electrical load is distributed between the two. Each battery will have less strain compared to one battery handling all the work. When the strain on the batteries is reduced, you can prevent deep charging and overloading which can shorten the lifespan of the batteries. You can design the auxiliary battery for deep cycle use so that it is better suited for sustained power delivery. This will be different from a standard starter battery. You can use both batteries in a more efficient way so that longer life can be enjoyed with better performance.

Reliability is very important for an off-road traveller and you can have a stable continuous power supply for your essential accessories with a dual battery system. For example, you may have a fridge to keep food fresh, portable lights to illuminate your camp in the dark or an air compressor to inflate the tyres. But when you have a dedicated auxiliary battery, all of these devices will be able to function optimally without having to risk the charge of the primary battery. You can use this set up when you are staying for extended periods in remote regions where it can be very hard to access external power sources.

Safety is very important

When you are going on an off-road trip and this is enhanced with a dual battery system because you will have peace of mind that the critical systems in your vehicle are operational. The primary battery can struggle to start the engine especially when it comes to cold weather conditions. But the necessary support for this can be provided by the auxiliary batter in a dual battery setup. And if the primary battery fails, the auxiliary battery can be the backup so that you can start the engine without being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Kaylen Dalby
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