Basic Guide to Internet Radio Hosting

It is best to create a website and select a serving partner so that you have a platform for internet radio hosting. This also gives a sense of professionalism to it. You can create the platform using templates or by hiring a developer.

You need to make sure that you choose a reliable hosting company to keep your station on air. Look for a company with a specialist team such as SHOUTcast Hosting. When it comes to choosing a website, if you want to go the route of template web creation, you can look into providers such as WordPress. Many providers will offer a paid package that comes with a domain name. Consider the tools provided for designing the site. You will be able to create something unique when you hire a developer to build the website from the bottom up. This will be more expensive than just using a template but if you have a brand that has grown in the past years with a growing audience, this might just be the right option for you.

Once you have an idea of the web hosting method, you need to think about how you deal with the day to day operations issues such as handling traffic and streaming connections. When you have a big audience listening to your station, you need to provide a fast experience without any errors. If you are working with a hosting company, they will deal with many of the issues experienced by your site. You can also select a remote server to maintain your site. An important element of your radio site is having a listenable link. Look for internet radio software that offers many useful widgets such as starting and stopping the audio stream. You need to look for software that can increase the impact of your radio station’s online presence.

Once you have a website, you can look into third party radio hosting platforms. Compatible stations can be added to the real time streaming library of the hosting platform so that a listener from any part of the world can tune in. Building your digital audience will take a lot of time and effort. You will find that it is better to spread your station over multiple internet radio hosting providers. When searching for a platform, look for features that show you the number of listeners garnered along with star ratings. You can also list your station on platforms that provide podcasts and audiobooks so that you can get the attention of users that are going through different types of media. Consider how a listener will filter the station they are looking for on the platform. You need to increase your engagement when increasing the quality of the show. Make sure there is space for the listeners to give their feedback so that you can grow with their input. You can increase engagement on your social feeds by adding a live web player. You also need to consider the state of your studio setup and narrow down your genre to create a loyal fan base.

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