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"Future Dreamers fundamentally seek to nourish, support and inspire young creatives. The mentor event was filled with love, warmth inspiration and raw authenticity and creativity and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it... Come to their events. You'll leave inspired and blissed out like I am right now."

- @tttesselate Tess Hayley, Australia

I had an amazing time hanging out with other girls, talking with each other and feeling like I was apart of something.
Dream Weaver Workshop

- Sophia, 17

It's awesome to feel as though you're apart of something, like you have sisters younger and older to talk to about anything and everything.... Being a part of Future dreamers is like being in the most kick ass girl gang ever…

- Coco, 19

Indigo dying was a fun experience that u should all try. Future Dreamers is a great way to hang with your friends and to do fun things Xx I say try to get involved and u won't regret it!
Shibori Indigo Workshop

- Billie, 11

The indigo dying was fantastic it was really fun getting to learn something new and getting your hands blue. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again. It was great to meet new people but still have my friends to share it with!
Shibori Indigo Workshop

- Maia, 12

I’m so thrilled something like Future Dreamers Girls Club exists. I have two daughters on the brink of womanhood. They are both craving independence away from home, however I feel they are too young to “roam the streets". I feel so happy they have a safe and fun place to be themselves without me cramping their style.

- Mother of Scout, 12 + Lucy, 15

The indigo shibori session was EPIC! I had a ball with all the girls and it was so interesting learning from Victoria about the indigo and where it came from! Thanks heaps for setting it up!
Shibori Indigo Workshop

- Mahala, 12

I’m so excited by the idea of young women coming together to learn, share, and create. To know that a girls’ club has been launched in Byron and is doing just that - bringing innovative, young women together, is honestly so refreshing. At Future Dreamers’ first gathering, I felt such a strong sense of togetherness and girl power - they're definitely onto something special. Lots of love.

- Elke, 15

Wow! I wish Future Dreamers was around when I was a young woman! Such positive, creative, cool messages influencing the girls in the most beneficial way! I see this as a great counter to the mainstream crap that stifles young girls and squashes their inner spark. I can't wait to take my girl on the Mother/Daughter Rites of Passage so I can be a Future Dreamer girl for a weekend!

- Mother of River, 11

"Future Dreamers Girls Club" really produces local thinkers and global dreamers....

- Mother of Ella, 13
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