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Splendour Survival Handbook- by a local

With only one day remaining to go- the hype for Splendour In the Grass is definitely evident.

Traffic is intensifying, vintage shops are thriving and gumboots are now more expensive than an organic quinoa smoothie ( very expensive). Its reaching a dangerous level, the number of times I have caught myself in a Splendour Trance- fantasising the craze and excitement of the much-anticipated festival.

But surviving 3 hot, sweat-drenched, mud-filled days is quite the endeavour, a real trial for mind and body.

Past experiences (and mistakes!) has led me to create a basic list of tips for the oh-so-blissfully unaware newbies of Splendour….


Wear sensible covered shoes!!

Sounds boring and Nana- like, i know but it really is one of the most vital things. Not only are your poor little piggy toes in danger of getting pulverised by over-enthusiastic dancers, but there are plenty of nasties hidden just below the soggy Splendour surface- think broken glass, sharp plastics and other dangerous things. Listening to the distant sounds of The Cure from the seats of the paramedics van is not ideal, as you can imagine…



Make sure to take some money with you for food and water- enough to get you by but not so much that you’ll be devastated if its lost.

Number 3.

PHONES + Credit

Charge your phone with sufficient credit.

Nothing like losing your friends in the cold, dark night with no credit or a dead phone! Unless you’re an outdoor survivalist, can see in the dark, tell time by the position of the moon and project bird calls to contact your friends, I suggest you invest in credit and a portable charger. Life will be a lot simpler.


Stay Hydrated!

All the excitement and energy can really take a toll on your body, so remember to take care and hydrate yourself.


DO NOT wear white!

Nothing else screams ‘festival novice’ like wearing an entirely white ensemble. Unless you plan on never EVER wearing it again, I suggest you stick to neutral or darker tones when it comes to dressing. Hippie stranger sweat, thick mud and broken glowsticks are much harder to get out than you think- unless you are willing to do the hard yards in the laundry sink, I bid your dreamy white garment farewell!


Plan ahead!

Planning what bands you wants to see and where they are is definitely the way to go. This will ensure you see as many bands as you can possibly manage, totally maximising the value of your ticket.


Be aware of your friends!

Please be mindful of their whereabouts and alert of their safety. Also, be conscious of the people you are with and whether they have your wellbeing in mind.


Purchase return bus tickets at the beginning of your night!

After enduring the last stretch of mud as you exit the festival gates, the last thing you want to do is line up for both bus tickets AND your bus, further delaying the reward of a hot shower and a cozy bed.


Keep calm and throw some more glitter on!

It’s okay if things don’t go according to plan- losing a possession or getting separated from your friends is bound to happen. The important thing is to remain calm and collected and take a few deep breaths.

xx Future Dreamers xx

Photos by Splendour in the grass official + Josh Hedge

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