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What Makes Women Wild

Mahala, Amelie, Sophia, Rachael, Hurihah, Oceana, Millie & Emily



I feel wild when…

I scream. I feel my ears pop and my heart pump.

I am alone. In the dark. Red light.

I let go of my boundaries and tune into my inner self.

There is nothing and no-one. When I am outside in amongst the trees and birds.

There are no thoughts crossing my mind. Wild and untamed views and passions.

I am being spontaneous. When I have nowhere to be. In the moment. Not thinking.


When my wild woman speaks, she says…

Let go.

Be free!

Purposely push the boundaries of life.

Everything and nothing. All together in one voice.

Run, run as fast as you can. Run like the wind, it’s your life.

Give no fucks and set yourself free with open arms. Let freedom embrace you.

I promise to look after my wild self because…

That’s my true self!

That is the part of me that will always be wild and unchangeable.

It is all I have to survive day-by-day until I can get out of this bogan town.

She makes me happy. And sometimes she is the only part of me that makes me feel alive.

It makes me feel special and alive. It makes me happy.

She is the pulse that keeps everything authentic.

Art Direction + Styling | Mahala, Amelie, Sophia, Rachael,  Harihah, Oceana, Millie & Emily
Photography | Amelie, Mahala, Sophia
Models | Emily, Rachael, Harihah & Oceana



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