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I am a Future Dreamer





I am a strong feminist/activist and I am distraught about whats happening in the world at the moment, as I am sure most of you are. I would love for the word to be spread and for people to stop dreaming and start acting! There are many ways to start acting and as I am still young and not old enough to vote or go out into the world, I have been doing little things because “Small changes have big results”. My artwork is an example, I am still practicing but I hope to one day sell my art and donate to a charity in need. You can act too, by signing up for things such as FD’s or donating to charities, or even just turning the lights off when not needed, stopping a dripping tap and making the choice to walk or ride a bike instead of driving in a fuel run, air polluting bundle of metal and plastic…
You can do it! Anyone can!

Yearbook 1

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