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FD Society: M.A.D Times




M.A.D Times: Mother and Daughter Times is program that reclaims the tradition of collectively honouring and celebrating a girl’s transition from child to young woman.

M.A.D Times promotes a mother daughter movement full of laughter, joy and connection.This community based initiative invites mothers, sisters, aunties, women and female guardians of the next generation to an authentic and powerful journey of celebration, creation and transformation.

We acknowledge that adolescence can be a tumultuous time – for both mother and daughter. M.A.D Times operates on the premise that honest, respectful dialogue, active listening and inspirational action is the basis for positive growth and authentic relationships.

M.A.D Times provides vulnerable families with a program that nurtures mothers and daughters and creates an extended support network at this crucial life stage.


The Value of Rites of Passage

“A Sacred Rite of Passage” is an ancient ceremony used by cultures around the world to mark the beginning of a new phase of life.These ceremonies are a valuable tool for young women to consciously move into the beginning of a new phase of their life, and hence, mark the end of the previous chapter.

This intentional gathering also has a profound impact on the subconscious- sending a clear message to prepare for transition. While this transition includes increased freedom it also means increased responsibility; to the self, the family and the community.

They also provide an opportunity for collective celebration and recognition of this milestone. At the same the ceremony creates an opening for a girl to give birth to her self, her true nature and the reclamation of authentic female self.

Through M.A.D Times, we welcome our daughters into the powerful community of women and bear witness to this important life milestone.

Connection, Love & Laughter

Creating a community that nurtures mothers and daughters is at the heart of M.A.D Times.

A deep and wonderfully curated journey, M.A.D Times promotes authentic and open communication, active listening and a shared vision of the future for both mothers and daughters.

Young people use the stimulus of their own lives to experiment and make decisions to build their sense of who they are in the world. In M.A.D Times, we explore ways to continue to nurture our daughters as they develop their autonomy.

 At Future Dreamers, we provide vulnerable young people with the opportunities and learning experiences necessary to make decisions for themselves in a safe, age and culturally appropriate manner.

In M.A.D Times, girls learn a variety of different life skills in a fun, interactive way.

These include:

  • active listening skills
  • conflict resolution skills
  • problem solving skills
  • creating a positive vision for the future

Young women are able to authentically present themselves to their mothers and peers;

to be heard and have a voice.

Mothers also have the opportunity to authentically show themselves as unique and powerful women.

We celebrate the love, influence and guidance in helping their daughter reach this important life milestone, and open up a space for a deepening of the maternal bond through the teenage years.


Facilitators: Our skilled facilitators are trained by Dr Arne Rubenstein as facilitators in Global Rites of Passage, and bring in depth knowledge and a passionate belief in the power of community, ceremony and celebration to assist positive transformation.

Outcomes of M.A.D Time include:

  • Stronger, more supportive mother daughter relationships
  • healthy acceptance of body
  • healthy peer relationships
  • greater self awareness
  • more confident communication
  • more respectful communication with peers and family;
  • and a deeper understanding of what it means to make the transition from girl to healthy woman psychology.


The skills and knowledge introduced and developed through M.A.D Times are an effective means of creating healthy young women, families and communities.

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