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About future dreamers

♥♥♥  OUR GOAL at FD is to help girls:

1. Feel empowered and inspired
2. Find their path
3. Have a safe space to express themselves
4. Learn skills from other awesome women in the community
5. Feel happy and uplifted

to nurture and celebrate the unique gifts of our girls and young women in a fun & uplifting way

to support the growth and flourishing of girls and women into healthy, confident, creative and compassionate custodians of our communities and planet

Why Future Dreamers

The Why

As a collective of mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, aunts and friends, we have come together to unify the Future Dreamers vision.

We are aware of our responsibility, as a collective of diversely skilled women linked to a wider community, to provide support and guidance required for girls to not only thrive but also transition into healthy women. Adolescence is the locus of both our crisis and opportunity. At Future Dreamers we recognise the potency of this; the myriad of influences and modern-day challenges, questions and explorations that shape the forming individual. Always, but especially throughout this time, we are motivated to know our girls more deeply, to listen to them, support them and inspire them to find what makes their hearts sing. To offer them grounded yet imaginative, open-minded and creative perspectives on how they might choose to think, act, love, look and be. We believe that our young women hold within them great magic and unbridled potential to express, love and contribute to the world in their own valuable way.

About us



A creative heart and a total eye for detail, Cath’s passion and exuberance makes her the ultimate package. She gets shit done.
Written by Grace

Cath is down to earth and real. I love her sense of humor, her ideas and advice. 
Written By Katy


Grace is our Future Dreamers lucky charm. I feel so lucky when i’m around her. I’m hoping if I keep her close, her impeccable taste and dedication will rub off on me! 
Written by Leah

Grace: Gentle, thoughtful, and always calm. Has an eye for detail and for beauty in people and things and a passion to support young women. 
Written by Cath


Leah is Energy with a capital E!! She can inspire the uninspired. The most generous person I have ever met in so many ways. Can move mountains and her passion is everything. 
Written By Cath.

You set the world on fire. The limitless love you have for others and humanity is an absolute inspiration. 
Written by Asuka.


She has such a beautiful soul, with so much integrity and makes everyone feel calm by just being around her. She has the potential to levitate at any minute and an other worldy presence. 
Written By Cath

‘Drop-in to your heart’ queen! Asuka’s words are better than all of my favorite songs put together! She’s so sweet I could turn diabetic. 
Written by Leah


Katy’s enthusiasm and ability to take initiative is totally awesome! Her willingness to step into a brand new role and grow as a woman is so exciting and fully supported by all of us at Future Dreamers. 
Written by Asuka.

Kind, soft and intelligent, with a youthful essence, Katy is a medium between both young and old. 
Written by Grace.

Aside from a diverse range of qualifications and life experience, all employees of the Girls’ Club have current Working With Children Checks and First Aid certification.

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